ESU Turkey Debate Academy Winter 2018

- Location: Mef University
- 5 days 4 nights, boarding optional
- Lunch included
- 18 – 21 January 2018

• Separate levels of trainings for beginner and advanced debaters.
• Content Lectures from our mentors on International Relations, Law, Economy, Philosophy and Sociology
• Debate Exercises with the Mentors
• Individual preparations for the motions will be assisted and supervised
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Debate Trainers:
Debate Trainers: This year again with 8 professional mentors

Branislav Fecko
Brano has been part of the debating community for over fifteen years as a judge, trainer, debater and coach. After winning the Slovak national final in 2002, he remained active within the Slovak debating association in various roles ranging from judging, through running the tab all the way to serving on the Supervisory Board. He was Vice-Chair of the Charles University Debating Club and the convenor of the Allen & Overy Prague Debate Tournament in 2008. He attended the IDEA Youth Forum as a member of the organising committee in 2007 in the Czech Republic, and as a trainer in 2009 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, breaking into the Grand final in the latter one. He has also been on the CAP for Bratislava Schools Debating Competitions 2011-2014, Eurasian Schools Debating Championship 2013 and 2015, Prague Debate Spring 2014 and 2015 as well as ARGO Open 2013, 2014. He will also serve as the Chief Adjudicator for ARGO Open 2015.

Branka Josimov
Branka Josimov comes from Subotica, Serbia where she is employed as a school pedagogue. Branka cooperated in founding of many debate programs in Balkan and Eastern Europe. She worked as debate trainer and coach with high school and university students, debate coaches and teachers in Europe and USA in different debate events for over 20 years. She has an experience in almost all debate formats and adjudicated many tournaments in various national and international levels. Her special interests are working with inexperienced debaters ("future stars") and implementing debate, its methods and skills in teaching and school curriculum.

Miha Andric
Miha is a successful European coach, Head of Education at Pro et Contra Debate Institute, Head of Faculty at ESU Turkey Debate Academies, Turkey National Team coach WSDC 2015 Singapore and Slovenia National team coach WSDC 2016, member of faculty at several international debate academies (IDAS, WSDA, ESU TURKEY, Croatian Debate Camp) and mentor of Be?igrad high school Debate club. Currently Miha is the director of the Institute for Labour Studies (Slovenia) and researcher at former Workers and Punks University. At Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana) he is holding study seminars on political economy, continental philosophy and theory of ideology. He is sociologist, philosopher and devoted critic of contemporary ideologies

Jernej Podgornik
Jernej is a coach, a debate trainer and lecturer at Pro et Contra Debate Institute, Slovenia. He runs one of the biggest high school debate clubs in Slovenia and promotes debate by holding different trainers/coaches trainings in Slovenia and abroad (Beijing, Belgrade - IDEA Balkans, Istanbul - ESU Turkey). He was a member of faculty at several international debate academies (IDAS, WSDA, Beihang World debate Academy, ESU Turkey) and is also an international judge (Ljutomer, Bratislava, Zagreb, Prague, Kiev, Beijing, Istanbul, Bangkok - WSDC…). He works as a high school teacher specialized in philosophy and sociology, also introducing the importance of debate across curricula

Michal Pecena
Michal Pecena Michal is a European coach and adjudicator, one of the chief adjudicators of the Czech Debate Association. He coached the Czech National Team at WSDC in Qatar 2010, Singapore 2015 and Germany 2016. He judged at many European tournaments (Ljutomer, Kranjska Gora, Bratislava, Prague, Ploesti, Zagreb), oftentimes serving in the CAP. Outside of the debating world, he also took part in organizing the Prague Student Summit (a Model UN, Model NATO and Model EU conference). Apart from working with the youth, he also does argumentation workshops for adults, especially for NGO workers from developing countries (via the major Czech NGO People in Need), but also for Scout leaders or the Prague branch of the Exxon Mobile company. 

Jure Hederih Oxford (Medicine)

2012-2015: Broke at Westminster Open, LSE Open ESL, KCL ProAm (breaking top) and SOAS IV (best ESL speaker). Made semi-finals of Manchester IV (ranked as 2nd best ESL speaker). Made finals of Westminster Open and IDAS. Won LSE Open ESL track (2nd best ESL speaker). He has judged at a number of tournaments across Europe in both WSDC and BP formats. I have coached at WSDC international academy in 2014 and at DAPDI international academy in 2015. He has also coached his former high-school debate club and delivered a number of workshops for high-schools in Britain. Since his first year at university he has consistently delivered workshops at Oxford Union and have recently been made the Director of Training at the Oxford Union's debate selection committee.

Bojan Marjanovic
Bojan Marjanovi? is a coach with 13 years experience working with highschoool students and teachers. When he's not running Croatian debate society of which he is the president, he works as a professional public speaking and debate coach in the private sector, with various political parties in Europe and as youth trainer with Croatian youth national agency in Youth in Action and Erasmus+ programmes. He has coached of Croatian national team since 2007, participated at four WSDC tournaments, numerous debate tournaments and academies across Europe and organises Summer debate camp for elementary and high school students from Croatia for the past 10 years and Winter holidays open for the past three years


• ESU Turkey member and host schools have one free registration each
• Chance to receive scholarships to an European debate academy for the best improvement during the academy
• Fun social activities

 This Academy we will have coaching in stage freight instead of speakers

Participation Fee:
• 450 TL (No boarding)
• 1000 TL (with boarding)
*Please contact us for scholarship options

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