Üsküdar American Academy (UAA) for hosting IPSC (International Public Speaking Competition)National Finals on Friday 8th March 2019

1st Place İdil Çakmut-Çevre College
2nd Place Alİ Alper Ataşoğlu-FMV Ayazağa Işık High School
3rd Place Zeynep Lal Kablan-Usküdar American Academy

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ESU Turkey organizes from time to time some events on some specific occassions.

ESU World Members Congress will be in Turkey!

Workshops on “Use of Technology in English Learning” at English Speaking Union’s World Members Conference”

On 20th September 2012, ESU Turkey will host the World Members Congress of ESU at Harbiye Military Museum and Convention Center. The theme of the conference is “Creating Global Understanding through English”. the conference aims to address some common challenges facing both learners and teachers in the fast developing technology world with special emphasis on English classes and draws upon the experiences of teachers, trainee teachers, teacher trainers, academics, school administrators and researchers focusing primarily on teenagers and young adults.

Diamond Jubilee Ball:

On 9th June 2012 together with The British Consul-General, ESU Turkey organized a remarkable ball at the Pera House to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Ball, which also hosted the Gurkha Pipes from UK, was well attended by almost 400 distinguished guests, and the extra funds raised were donated to Help For Heroes and the Mehmetcik Vakfı. At the end of the evening the Chef representing Marmara Pera Hotel has won the Jubilee cake competion. The event has been proudly supported by various sponsors including BEKO, ARUP, AtlasJet, Diageo, AngloInfo, Hilton, CocaCola, Harvey Nichols, Baker McKenzie, Shell, Ramsey, DJ Yakuza and Madam Koket.

Royal Wedding Reception:

On 29th April 2011, ESU Turkey has organized a cocktail reception at Pera House to mark the Royal Wedding together with British Consulate General in Istanbul and BCCT. The event that hosted more than 400 guests has been proudly supported by Demsa Group, Turkish Airlines, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Tesco, Doluca, eXec Turkey, Tata Steel, RBS, Marjinal Porter Novelli an Madam Koket.

Launch Party:
In June 2010 an a four day progam has been organized with more than 50 international guests visiting Istanbul to celebrate the launch of ESU Turkey. The highlight of the program was the cocktail reception organized at Pera House.

Cocktail Receptions for International Public Speaking Competition:
On 29th May 2012 and 8th June 2011, ESU Turkey has organized a cocktail reception at Pera House to celebrate the finalists of ESU Turkey International Public Speaking competition. All competitors from 14 schools were invited together with their parents and teachers. In both cases, HM Consul General Ms. Jessica Hand welcomed the guests with a short speech underlying the importance of public speaking and the culture of debating in international settings. Yasemin and Aydın (winners of the national competition in 2011), and Dilara (winner in 2012) shared with the audience their experience of the IPSC finals in London… All of them were truly impressed by the network of friendship they discovered at ESU IPSC finals. HSBC extended their support to the event by offering a special gift pack including a dvd with all speeches at the Turkey finals… Hisar Schools were also present and confirmed their continuing support by announcing that they are ready to host us again next year… Dr. Kadilar has also announced the establishment of ESU Turkey IPSC Alumni and asked the support of students to provide this new initiative with a sound foundation. He has also announced our plans to provide a certification to participating schools and teachers together with more "discover your voice" workshops in the following years.